Call me by your name

I had a primary school project to get a few petunias, dry them out in between pages of a heavy book aka the yellow pages and that would then be scientific proof that flowers retain water. We were kids not idiots but hey, marks were nb.

Side note: Teachers were full of it and by “it” I mean kuk bc we were expected to get petunias from first never before seeing or hearing about this fucken flower bc it wasn’t common to our gardens nor familiarity and now had to source them asap? My teacher was like ASK A NEIGHBOUR! (As if all our neighbours had brilliant petunia laden gardens for miles on end, as far as the eye could see.)

I honestly thought that nobody had these flowers and that I was doomed. True story, I considered getting seeds to grow these flowers and then dry them out. Undue pressure on kids from schools are like I said – undue.

Then my teacher said this project was due 2 weeks from when she mentioned it and the flower had to be dried in the book for 2 weeks too. Do the math. We needed those petunias that same day to start and finish it in time.
Then I thought I could just not do it altogether bc fuck it I’m 7.

It so happened that I did have a neighbour, a few houses down, who had a beautiful, small garden filled with different flower types and thank yeezy her garden contained some petunias. She was game to help me and my acquaintances (those bishes weren’t my friends 😂) pass. Thanks Liezel’s Mom!

The project was marked out of 5 or 10 max and I passed – but I also doubt anybody would have failed the grade for not completing this stupid mouse task.

The pressure to do the project vs the praise / celebration of having had completed it was not equal. The teacher brushed over the project’s completion as easy as the bish did blinking and concluded with okay everyone did it, on to the next topic.
I felt like, yo, the pressure to find this flower in record same day timing, the courage taken as a kid to ask neighbours who you barely talk to for items from their precious garden that they tend to on the daily, then actually doing the project and succeeding and getting an average mark? Some teachers ain’t shit. This is something we can’t just brush over and move onto to the next topic. Exhales fire.

Out of this whole project – apart from the story I just told that is flavoured with unresolved feelings to my teacher 😂, I can say I will remember the name of this flower like I do my very own name. And it’s really cute, almost like a lily, innit. 🙂

Insert curtsy.

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