Fasting, the other F word

The benefits of the detox I’m getting from just these few days of fasting in Ramadan has just been amazing.

1. Clearer skin, less redness, smoother texture. I had breakouts about 2 months ago (later saw it was due to using an expired toner) and was then strict with my cleansing regime which showed slow but effective progress in clearing redness, bumps in texture, pigmentation from pimples. I’m still due more clearing, but 4 days of fasting showed speedy ass clearing. I’m still shook by the comparison.

2. Feeling calmer, less anxious, more able to handle uncomfortable feelings. I feel more aware and in-tune with my body. My mind feels clearer.

3. Weight-loss. This seems like a given but there are many people who gain weight during the fast, mainly because what they’re eating and drinking as well as the quantity of it happens close to bedtime. I normally eat healthily, what I want and listen to my body when it’s full. I don’t overcompensate in eating for the time i was fasting or will be fasting the next day. It’s counter-intuitive to me because overloading your body sets it’s priorities to being digesting a ton of food first before anything else. 

4. My memory has been better, recalling things was accurate af on day 4.

5. Sugar cravings gone like poof the magic dragon.

6. No doubt I feel more intuitive and am also aware of the separation between my spirit using my body VS my body using my spirit. I definitely feel connected spiritually to more of creation and to the Divine.

7. My body feels cleaner and lighter inside because I’m eating better and I began feeling more energetic on day 4. 
Knowing that I’m fasting from sun up to down, I ensure that I have enough energy, vitamins and am eating wholesome good foods and drinks. I won’t waste my time on consuming “treat foods” – especially in the morning because it’ll burn out fast and leave me feeling hungry and sugar crashed soon after.
If I really want something treat-ish I’ll have it at night. So my fasting body is built on a lot of mother nature’s goodness – as it should be and I feel the difference.

And these are the perks I’m only aware of. When you’re fasting, your body is able to operate other functions without now needing to first digest food before it does anything else. So the leave off from digestion during the day gives time for healing to occur in other areas of my body where I wasn’t aware of what needed attention. Thanks auto-healing body. You’re magical.

The fact is I don’t enjoy abstaining from food and drink – I don’t believe anybody does – but I do love the benefits I both feel and see, physically and spiritually, so I choose to partake in it’s practice. And after the first few days, fasting gets easier.  It also helps as a mental support knowing that other people all over the world are fasting with you, that you’re not alone in this uphill climb for expansion.

If anybody would like to try out fasting as a health or spiritual practice – and they feel fit to do so, I’m no certified naturopath or doctor so consult your peoples first – I’d recommend they fast 5 days in a row minimum to feel more attuned to not eating and in that period they’ll have enough time to also notice some tangible benefits in that period.

Ramadaan Kareem

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