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Wet Cupping or Hijama is an ancient method of suctioning coagulated blood(stagnant, dirty, non-circulatory blood that doesn’t serve the body) from the body via small cuts on the skin, using cups.

Dry cupping is where cuts aren’t involved, so the stagnant blood isn’t drawn out via the skin, but this process does improve circulation and does rid the body of toxins. In my personal experience, I noticed a tangible difference in effect with wet cupping over dry cupping but usually the practitioner assesses the patient, their weight, chronic or non ailments, etc. before performing hijama.

The processes are as follows: Suction cups are placed on the body as you lay, stomach down on a bed. The shoulders and back are more commonly suctioned; legs, head, arms and feet can be included, depending.

Dry Cupping

Dry Cupping:
1. Cups are left suctioned on your body for about 20+ minutes.
There is no pain but you will feel a sucking sensation on your skin, which is the 1 job of the cups. If you do feel the cups are suctioned too tightly and you feel pain, alert the practitioner.

Wet Cupping or Hijama

Wet Cupping / Hijama:
1. Cups are left suctioned on your body for about 2-5 minutes, then removed and fine cuts are made on these areas with a new, clean blade. 
2. The cups are re-suctioned over these cuts to begin the process of drawing out stagnant blood for 10-15 or so minutes. 
3. Cups are removed, blood is wiped away, and the area is disinfected and bandaged to stop germs from entering the cut.
It really sounds and looks worse than it really is, but it’s very bearable and so worth it from the after effects you get. After your

1. The blood stops bleeding out on it’s own – you won’t bleed to death. 
2. The cuts are very bearable, you’ll feel something, but you got this. 
3. It looks more painful than it actually is. 
4. After your session, there will be suction “hickey” marks on the areas where the cups were for around 4-7 days. It’ll look like a giant squid attacked you, but fear not, it’s not a fuck painful.

~ I was advised to avoid eating fish, dairy or chicken after the cupping.
~ Shower only 24 hrs after cupping bc your cuts require time to heal.
~ When you remove the plasters / bandages wipe your cuts with olive oil for 5 days to support healing and so your cuts won’t scar.

Cupping was encouraged and practiced by Prophet Muhammad PBUH because of it’s healing effects on the body and specifically so to be practiced on the 17, 19, 21 of the lunar month because the human body, much like the earth, comprises of 70% water and is influenced by the moon, just like the tides.

Now as a female, you may be feeling you get your cupping sesh from your period each month – like I thought. But, period blood releases blood from the womb area alone to create a clean working area for a potential baby to be housed. Cupping, however, cleanses the whooole body. *points all over my body*

With cupping, you’ll have:
1. More energy! Stagnant blood removed from around the bones, joints, outside the organs and under the skin, means your metabolic processes aren’t slowed down, so there’ll be faster blood circulation as there are less obstacles in the way, meaning vitality bitches.
2. Clearer skin (my skin also looked plumper and younger)
3. Improved blood circulation 
4. Relieves (some) muscle tension
5. Promotes cell repair
6. It may help form new connective tissues and create new blood vessels in the tissue
7. Supports faster metabolic rate. (Makes sense since you’re ridding your body of waste and there’s less work for your body to do.)
8. Purifies the blood and in turn the body because cleaner blood will now be streaming through your organs. 
9. It’s so worth it. Dirt being removed from your body means less illness, more health, less sluggish feelings, more energy, more blood circulation, brighter, clearer skin and eyes.

Story time: A couple years back I got bitten by a spider. I assumed it was a spider bc the area looked un-like a flea / mosquito bite and it stayed pink, not painful but swollen for 3 weeks. My choices were limited. Either I waited for my spider powers to kick in or for my foot to fall off. I chose the third. I requested the Hijama practitioner at that time to put a cup on the bite area on my foot. She did just that – but on both feet. The foot with the swollen old bite released blood and the other foot drew out almost no blood. The swelling from the bite was never to be seen again.

Hijama is liquid surgery people. There are only perks. I highly encourage anyone who can get it, to do it, prefs the wet kind.

As my disclaimer goes, I’m not a doctor / practitioner. I speak from personal experience in how cupping benefitted me, so please do the necessary checks to yo’self before you wreck yo’self.


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