Tears mean your sadness is melting away

2020 brought a lot of awareness around the importance of good mental health, social interaction and coping with stress.

As much as people have accepted how common it is in experiencing states such as depression and loneliness – specifically because of lockdown, nobody (from my experience) talks about it openly like they’d talk about their better experiences.
There is still shame around this. Why though?
Everyone has experienced all emotions at some point.

We live in a system that constantly feeds our mental programming with de-affirmations such as “you’re not worthy or not enough”, promotes unhealthy food as trendy and makes it way more affordable than healthy foods, the air we breathe the fluorinated water we drink, hyped perfumes that most often contain unhealthy chemicals, mainstream music, movies and magazines on offer and unfantastic more.

All this contributes to stress, anxiety and depression – which is system goals because capitalism. How though ITO depression, you ask?

Everything the system supports works towards the inevitable breakdown of the spirit, human body and mind – meaning you will feel some degree of depression / hopelessness on a common but unnatural diet.
So when the system popularizes shaming unpleasant feeling states – you will feel pressure to hide and suppress the shame around depression with probably.. drum roll ..anti-depressants.

BIG mistake. HUGE.

This kind of “medicine” can be useful for a very short term, but long term usage has side effects that can lead to suicidal thoughts and tendencies and make what you started out as before the pills, goals.

Exercise what is natural, not what is common.

Eat better, learn how to breathe properly, go to areas with cleaner air and exercise there.
Consume high quality movies, music and listening material. Read nourishing content.
Write down everything you like about your life so far.
Mull over – or meditate (call it what you want) – what you’d want for your life in the most idealistic mother fucking way and entertain the likelihood of all that good shit happening for you.

And here’s the biggest NEWS FLASH update you’ll ever need to know – you don’t need to know about the daily news. Really.

Exercise these combined with natural releases in pressure points all over your body and watch your sadness disappear like poop when you flush it down the toilet.

Open your Eye my babes 💜


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