The theorem of Taaiebah

I have a couple of theories – one of which is cuteness. points finger to the sky as lightning strikes eerily

Allah most probably said, hey Angels – imma create some cute ass shit. Stay with me.

So He made a hairless rabbit and a hairless cat.

The angels looked on in horror and disbelief.

He then snapped His proverbial fingers and those ET-look-a-like-mfs were covered in beautiful, lush, soft fur!

So the angels CRIED out in joy – meaning it rained that day.
There were lots of pics being shot – hence it was lightning.
Tons of laughter – so there was thunder.
Ah, and then of course, rainbows. Just. For no reason.

And so the story goes, with all your powers combined, I am Captain planet and the theorem of Taaiebah is that cuteness lay in one’s furriness and one’s furriness is not to be confused with one’s hairiness, your honour I rest my case, thee end

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